What’s your favourite object?


I’m Helen, a new learning volunteer with the Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising. I will be working with Rose on the new Young People’s Programme and Youth Panel. You can read more about it across the website. I will be blogging about my experiences and exciting things happening at the museum while I am here. If like to introduce myself with writing about my favourite object in the Museum….

I have two; I know that’s cheating but I think both are equally interesting and had me delving into research and learning the histories and relevance of the items today. The first being a small perfume bottle: E Rimmel’s Florida Water, London & Paris. There are dozens of elegant perfume bottles inside the Time Tunnel which is the Museum’s main exhibit, and this one in particular caught my interest because it looks like a significant piece of design that would have a desirable weight, texture, and (hopefully) scent. Florida Water is a sweeter, American version of the original Eau de Cologne, but with orange flavoured rather than the traditional lemon.

The second item is not something I would like to smell….! Swinborne’s Patent Refined Isinglass – for invalids and confectionary. After doing some research about Swinborne and the history behind this product I discovered that he and Richard Archer Wallington filed a bill against rival company ‘Nelson’s Gelatine Isinglass’ for using their patent, requesting that they should stop making Isinglass. Visually, this is a really beautiful package for a substance whose methods of creation are less than pretty.

So these are two of my favourite items in the museum’s collection. Come and visit us and let me know what your favourites are!

Helen Young Volunteer






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