Interview with Jess: Learning Volunteer

In the first of a series of interviews Jess Hill tells us about her time volunteering in the Learning Department of the Museum of Brands

Jess pic_crop

Describe your volunteer role

My role changes every time I volunteer, which I love. Today I have been helping to create workshop resources for schools and scheduling tweets for our Gender in Advertising events. My favourite role is assisting with the school and university hour long workshops. I enjoy encouraging the students to think critically and creatively about the brands we take for granted. I even lead some of the workshops now which has been great for my confidence!

How would you describe the Museum?

Eclectic, fascinating, but also a place that contains objects that everyone can relate to and associate with their own lives. I took my parents on a tour of the museum this weekend and they couldn’t stop telling each other stories about toys and food brands they remembered – so it’s definitely a place of nostalgia, too.

If you could highlight one Museum object what would it be and why?

This is tricky, there are so many to choose from! I think it would have to be one of the games that were made during the Second World War. My favourite is the dart board with Hitler in the centre and 2 points if you hit Churchill?! It seems crazy to think these were played and enjoyed during such a difficult time in Britain’s history.

What’s the most encouraging/interesting thing a visitor/learner has ever said to you?

The best thing for me is seeing the comments left by students and teachers after having a workshop session. They are always really positive and show that the workshops allow students to think about the collection in a more creative way.

What has the next few months got in store for you at the Museum?

Well, I am a Master’s student and was thinking about doing my major project based on this museum, so hopefully this will start to develop. But, of course, I am going to continue volunteering and helping with the learning sessions!


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