Drawing from the Collection: Zahra Tharani

In this blog local illustrator Zahra Tharani tells us about how she drew inspiration from the Museum’s collection and in particular the temporary series of Gender in Advertising.  Zahra’s inspired illustrations explores gender from the Victorian times to the 1930s, with men and women depicted in different social spheres within the home, society, and the family. I caught up with Zahra to ask her a few questions on the museum, her work, and her future plans.1-e1497864933376.jpgWhat was your involvement with the museum?

I created some illustrations showing the representation of men and women in advertisements through a chosen period of time as part of the museum’s series Gender in Advertising.

How would you describe the Museum?

The Museum shows within an immersive environment how branding, packaging, and society has develop throughout history.

What’s your thoughts on the current focus on Gender in Advertising?

The focus is significant because it shows how representations of men and women have been used in branding, packaging and advertising through different eras, and the progression this has made.

What has the next few months got in store for you?

Currently I am preparing two works, an oil painting and a colour pencil drawing, for a fine art exhibition to be held in May. I am also completing illustrations for a book to be published in June.




4 The learning team would like to thank Zahra for all her work. If you would like to see more of Zahara’s work please contact her at: zahratharani@outlook.com


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