Bellerbys College Students Innovate Iconic British Brands

Greg Zaremba-Clifford, Marketing Teacher at Bellerbys College shares his experience of bringing 16 Foundation Level Business and Management students to the Museum for a workshop and visit.

Bellerbys College, London – an independent international college


The Aim

The expectation of this visit was to provide a chance for our business students to directly engage in the creative marketing process and to develop their collaborative skills.

The visit

A dedicated workshop visit included an excellent MOBPA team-led introduction, followed by a series of well-planned staged activities, developed to extend awareness of the function of branding. Students were introduced to the concept of branding, and were then team-tasked with a rebranding exercise, culminating in presentations of their design initiatives.

What was your favourite part of the visit?

A positive dynamic between the enthusiastic MOBPA team and our students was evident, and the chance to access the museum collection as part of the workshop gave useful prompts for the final group work design activity.


As a result of this valuable workshop, our students felt more confident in not only developing their presentation skills, but also gained a practical appreciation of the brand development process. The feedback provided by the MOBPA team members was extremely helpful in guiding our students to think critically about their design concepts, which we were able to follow up in our subsequent lesson.

Greg Zaremba-Clifford, Marketing Teacher



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